New Nails: NARS Galion

I'm so guilty of finding a particular nail polish I LOVE *cough* Butter Yummy Mummy *cough* and wearing it for months at a time. Whether I do my nails on my own or get a manicure, I'll bring it with me time after time which always prompts my manicurist to giggle and say, "This one again?".
I think I have found that new "signature" color.
I am a sucker for dark nails, however, I'm not a fan of wearing totally black nails. This new NARS shade is perfect. It's a dark blue-gray, and it is lovely. When I was at the nail salon, my manicurist kept commenting on how gorgeous the color was. Then, not one, but two women in the salon checked it out as they passed and asked what it was.
It's just lovely. I think I said that already. But it is. Lovely. :)

It's a shame that I couldn't get any photos to do it justice. It's appears a little lighter than this.
NARS Galion

At $17 a pop, NARS nail polishes are a bit on the pricey side. But I think this one is special enough to justify a splurge.
What do you guys think? Any nail polish you are particularly loving at the moment?