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I am leaving for Oklahoma tomorrow!  FOR 12 DAYS!  Can you believe that?  It's such a long time.  I get home sick for Brian so I'm sort of nervous about this trip.  So excited to see my sister though!  I've got a bunch of awesome guest bloggers lined up for you- so play nice!  I'll be around to check in on how things are going.  Miss you!  MUAH


I kind of think this is the best idea in the whole wide world.  Talk about creative people out there
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The caption below this pin said: 
Secretly have each teacher (k-12) sign the inside of this book and give it to your child as a graduation present.  SO cute!
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Love this hairstyle.  Dutch side braid into a ponytail.  Easy peasy and so cute!
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Will someone try this for me?  I don't get it!
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This would be such a fun gift!  I love it!  Speaking of books... any good ones out there I should read?
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Brown paper flowers.  Are you kidding me!?  Who is coming up with this stuff!
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Will someone teach me how to make these?
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Yes please!
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You can follow my boards on Pinterest here!  Which reminds me, I still owe you guys a tutorial huh?  It's coming!  


Have you guys noticed one of my new sweet sponsors?

Love on a Budget is a blog about couponing, faith, fashion and food!

Check out this shopping trip Jamie made the other day.  Yeah, she totally shares her secrets.  I so need her help!  Look at those savings!

Over at her blog you will find cute hairstyles and thoughts and ideas on fashion

Aren't they adorable?!

Go visit Jamie at Love on Budget.  Learn her secrets, she's so great!