Sharon Johnson Photography

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Little buddy got his pictures taken this last week!

Sharon is amazing.  She captures the moment.  I asked her what I should pick out for Boston to wear- you know how outfits these days are almost more important than the picture- and she told me to have him wear something that reminds me of him.  She asked me what his favorite 4 things were.  I said, well duh.  He loves jumping on the tramp, he loves bath time, he loves mowing the lawn and playing outside.  So when she got here, that's what we did.  We played.  And he was so super happy.  Showing off all his toys and wanting to impress her with all his cool tricks!  I picked basketball shorts for him to wear.  Yeah, not the cute ripped jeans and button up shirt I had picked out.  She helped me choose something that reminded me of Boston.  Something that in ten years I'll be like, remember those shorts?!  How he wanted to wear them everyday and they were WAY too big!

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Well here's what she took.  You like?

And these were from a few months back... when he cried the ENTIRE time!  Poor teething baby.

Do you love them?  Probably not as much as me because he's my own kid.  But they are so Boston.  This is what I want to remember when I look back.  Him playing in our yard.  Not dressed up all fancy in front of some random brick wall.

Sharon photographs everything, but I'm completely in love with these amazing Birth Stories she's doing.

What's a birth story?

Is that not the best ever?

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