Tears on our shoulders and mud in our fingernails

So I was on Pinterest.  And mind you, I'm only on Pinterest when I'm rocking my little baby Boston to sleep.  Because he's spoiled and still drinks a warm bottle of milk before nap time and bed time.  Don't judge me!  Why rush him into growing up?  I love rocking him.  It's the only time we get to snuggle!

ANYWAY.  I was rocking Buddy to sleep and I came across this pin.

What do we value in this life?

Is it our jobs?  Our possessions?  I sometimes think to myself, as soon as Brian and I have a house life will be perfect.  I will totally volunteer when my kids are grown up and in school.  I will help my neighbor out tomorrow when I'm less busy.  This quote from Marjorie Hinckley has given me perspective.

This life isn't about those family pictures and finding the perfect outfit.  It's not about making our homes spotless.  It's about serving others.  It's about sacrificing good things for better things.  We all have choices.  Do I get the laundry done, or do I watch my sick neighbors kids for an afternoon?  Do I finish my to-do list, or do I get on the floor and play with my children?  Do I make a wonderful meal, or make a quick meal and help my daughter with her homework?  Each day we get to choose how we are going to act.  Are we going to choose something good?  Or choose something better?

I'm going to challenge all of you, myself included, to try choosing something better.  So that when we reach those pearly gates we'll have peanut butter on our shirts, tears on our shoulders and mud in our fingernails from serving and living.