Video - Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon Show “Someday” Parody Bloopers and Outtakes – Funny Stuff!

So last June, Justin Bieber visited Jimmy Fallon’s late night show and the two did a funny spoof of Bieber’s “Someday” fragrance commercial during the perfumes official launch week.

What we DIDN’T see were the bloopers and out takes that happened behind the scenes during the filming of the segment.

This is hilarious stuff - and shows what really happens when you get two funny people together for a comedy spoof.

The parody commercial harkens back to Fallon’s days on Saturday Night Live and Bieber is a natural for this kind of humor.

The first video below is the ORIGINAL segment that aired in June of 2011 on Fallon’s show.

This next video shows the bloopers and outtakes that went on behind the scenes that were never aired – until now.

We love seeing this kind of behind the scenes footage and it definitely has Fallon’s days at SNL written all over it.

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