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And by the way- are you not in love with the Christmas music?!  YES!

I so need to do this.  Can you ever have enough bathroom counter space?
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Yes please.
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I'm in love with this room.  Period.
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How much fun would these be?  You fill up balloons with water and food coloring and let them freeze.  My goodness people are so creative!
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This would be a cheap and fun ornament to make!
DIY at Martha Stewart.  Pinned here

Thing is, I bet these are delicious.  Because who doesn't LOVE marshmallows?!
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 Laundry soap and fabric softener.  Really?  Yes.  And I love it.
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Do I even need to say anything here?
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I'm totally envisioning sparkles.  Lots of these babies with sparkles.  In something and on a table :-D
DIY instructions here.  Pinned here

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What Men Fashion Styles to Watch Out in this Winter?

We can all try and deny it but summer is officially over and now is mid of winter. It’s time to turn out the closet and change the thin spring/summer clothes for thicker, warmer clothing. The men’s winter 2011 trends are all about smart and fashionable winter-weather dressing.

We always associate winter with dark dull colors because that is what they are; the sunny bright days is being replaced by the bitter cold weather. However, forget the usual blacks, charcoals and grey as another trend has taken over the streets. Colors are a big feature for this coming season. Everything is being revamped into a wide range of colors and prints. The usual dark ensemble is being replaced with a burst of bright daring colors. Designers such as Burberry and Vivienne Westwood have shown a lot of blues, reds and greens while daring designers such as D&G have gone for eye-catching orange.

Another fashion styles that deserve a watchful eye is the clothing’s material. This season, materials are given as much attention to as the design of an outfit. Tweeds used to be thick and itchy but now, the tweed that is currently stirring a trend in winter season is softer and lighter. It is sturdy without being too restrictive.

When deciding on a jacket to beat the cold winter, how about these cool aviator jackets? This trendy life-saver in the bitter winter has become a popular addition in runways. It made an appearance in Burberry Prorsum, Lanvin, Hermes and Trussardi 2011's shows.

Some of the prevailing trends for this season’s men’s autumn winter accessories are faux fur and leather. There is a wealthy amount of fur and sheepskin trapper hats on the high street this season. These items can make all the difference when put together with an outfit for winter.

A few years ago men hardly had the opportunity of such a large choice of gloves. But thankfully fashion is stepping forward and today a good variety of design and fabrics are being offered to the gents. Many designers such as Lanvin and Giuliano Fujiwara welcome this accessory on their runways. Gloves are not only one of the coolest fashion accessories but it also helps keep you warm and comfortable through the bitter cold season. Opt for a pair of leather gloves if you wish to portray that ‘gentlemen style’.

Just because it is winter does not mean you should abandon your fashion sense for the season. Stay up to date with trends just as how you would with summer and your winter will no longer be as dull.

Comedian Patrice O'Neal Dead From Stroke at 41

Patrice O'Neal Performing His Comedy Routine
Comedian Patrice O’Neal has died from complications after suffering a stroke last month.

O’Neal was a stand-up comedian who was seen frequently on TV and comedy clubs throughout New York and the rest of the United States.

He was also a fixture on the Opie and Anthony syndicated radio program.

Patrice was last seen on television last September on Comedy Central’s roast of Charlie Sheen, where his own fight with diabetes became a punch line.

O’Neal also appeared in numerous small roles on television including The Office, Scary Movie 4, The Jury, and Arrested Development.

The Boston native was known for his rough comedy and says he frequently had people walk out of comedy clubs saying,

“A lot of people walk out of my show. If I've got 250-300 people in the audience, 20 will walk out. I average about 20 walkouts, which is good. Because everybody else stays, and I love that. That's what comedy is. Not everybody should be laughing at everything at the same time. That's not even natural. My thing is to feel natural, because I don't want to feel like I could just make people laugh at every single joke, every single time, with the same decibel level. I like to be loved or hated - I don't like mediocre. So I'd rather have the entire crowd hate me than to have 90% hate me.”

Charlie Sheen and other celebrities took to twitter and Facebook Tuesday to give O'Neals friends and family their condolences.

RIP Patrice.

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Victorias Secret Angel Makeup Tutorial - VS Fashion Show 2011

It's that time again! The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs tonight! (November 29th on CBS)

Because it was filmed weeks ago, I've gotten the opportunity to see some backstage footage and get the inside scoop on all the makeup worn in the show.
The makeup for the show usually has a theme that carries on year after year: bronze, glowy skin, defined and ultra-sexy eyes done in natural shades, and glossy lips. This year was no different. However, each year there's always something that they do on each model that makes that year unique. This year the eye shadow was toned down and the eyes were centered around a heavier (but soft and smudged) application of liner. The skin was really the focus of the look. Bronzed and glowy. But the glow was very golden. I actually used the same highlight color on my eyes as my face which pulled the whole look together.

To see a step-by-step tutorial of the look so you can re-create the look yourself, check out my video at the bottom of the post.

xoxo, Tiffany

Products Used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl
NARS eye shadow duo in All About Eve
NARS eye shadow duo in Cordura
MAC Pro Longwear eye shadow in Carefree (LOVE)
Tarte Emphaseyes pencil liner (LOVE LOVE LOVE)
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara
MAC False Lashes in #36

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Foundation and Under Eye Concealer
NARS Laguna powder bronzer
MAC Pro Longwear eye shadow in Carefree (as highlighter)
Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity shimmer powder

MAC Subculture lipliner
MAC Politely Pink lipstick
MAC Pink Lemonade Lipglass

Green Jello with Carrots Winner!

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Drake's Red Underwear Glimpse

Check out this picture of Drake giving us a peek of his red underwear while getting out of his car.

Bigger picture inside!

All about BRAIDS!

We're talking braids people.  If you would like to know how to do braids on yourself, you can purchase The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook in ebook form or paperback!  There are step-by-step PICTURE tutorials on how to do each braid on yourself and the books come with video tutorials!

There are essentially 5 different types of braids.  You've got the classic braid, including the french braid and the boho braid, you've got the fishtail and the rope braid.

The classic braid is made from three sections of hair.  Obviously!  What's nice is that the classic braid is totally back in style.  They are no longer associated with old school pioneer hairstyles.

Stemming off the classic braid is the french braid.

French braiding is extremely popular right now and can easily be done on yourself.  With lots of practice and patience!  French braiding has been around for centuries- for good reason.  It keeps the hair out of the face, it's quick and easy, the style can look formal or casual depending on how the braid is done and let's face it.  It can look totally soft and gorgeous!

Another branch off the classic braid is the boho braid.

Can you tell the difference between the boho braid and a regular french braid?  Instead of the braid lying underneath, the braid is sitting on top.  If you're used to regular french braiding, the boho braid can be tricky.  You've got to teach your hands to braid OVER instead of under.  These braids create wonderful texture.

The next type of braid is the fishtail braid.  

Fishtails are absolutely fabulous.  They can look super messy or sleek and sophisticated.  The fishtail looks intricate and tricky to do, but with a bit of practice becomes nearly as easy to create as a regular three-strand braid.  Like most braids, it looks a little bit better slightly messy, so if you mess up while trying to create the fishtail braid- no worries!

The next style is the rope braid- created by twisting two strands of hair together.

Rope braids can be simple or intricate.  This is what I call the
waterfall twist.

Rope braids can be fast and simple.  I think they're great for holding bangs back and keeping hair out of your face.

Braids are wonderful in the fact that they can easily be done by yourself.  They camouflage greasy roots or messy, tangled hair, and if you're growing your bangs out, braids are perfect for keeping them out of your face.  Braids create so much texture and look awesome.

What's your favorite type of braid?  Do you struggle with doing one or all of them?!


Gary Speed Found Dead – Commits Suicide at 42

Footballer Gary Speed found dead at age 42 from suicide
Whales football manager Gary Speed was found dead today in his home in Huntingdon Cheshire.

Speed died after committing suicide by hanging himself inside his home.

The football association released a statement to the press saying,

“The Football Association of Wales are sad to announce the death of the national team manager Gary Speed. We extend our sympathies and condolences to the family. We ask that everyone respects the family's privacy at this very sad time.”

Gary’s death came as a surprise to those who knew him and he is survived by his wife and two sons. The incident has been turned over to the coroner’s office for further investigation.

Gary Speed had just appeared on the BBC's Football Focus show on Saturday night – less than 24 hours before taking his own life.

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Josh Duhamel's White Underwear Glimpse

Check out this picture of Josh Duhamel giving us a peek of his his white Under Armour underwear. Looks like Josh needed a belt for his baggy pants while putting stuff in the back of his truck.

2 pictures inside!

Picture source: Josh Duhamel Fan

The ebook in print!

The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook is being printed!  It is $14.99 and ships free!

This book would make a great Christmas present!

You can purchase it below and I will send you an email letting you know the estimated shipping arrival date.  The publishers are taking care of shipping and it can take anywhere from 5-7 days to process an order and 5-7 days to recieve the package.  I have ordered numerous books through them however, and it's never taken longer than 7 days for me to recieve my book.  Just a heads up though!

If you have any questions about the paperback book, please feel free to email me at myyellowsandbox@gmail.com


Man Fashion: Emporio Armani F/W 2011 Collection

This season, Emporio Armani is plunging into realistic urban townscape. In fine shading of grey and taupe, the collection offers a vision of urban dressing that escalates the collection into a whole new level of modern elegance. Special attention was given to coats with deconstructed silhouettes, slim fitting and occasionally paired with a waistcoat that looks best at mid-calf length.

Armani's signature nylon and quilting are replaced with a range of wools, nubuck sheepskin and leather to reassure the brand's sense of solidity. The collection is expressed with a forceful confidence and a hints of eccentricity. The leather harness cum waistcoat is genius creation, a very sexy way to display and define the male form.

Photo: www.style.com