Oklahoma part I of II

Ooooooooaaaklahoma where the wind comes sweeping' down the plane!

SUCH a fun trip!

Here's the first week of my favorite pictures.  We left on the 21st at FIVE in the morning.  Boston was such a trooper on the plane.  I had the whole first season of The Mickey Mouse Club House on my iPhone so I was set.  Turns out he wasn't interested in Mickey- which never happens.  Luckily I bought one of those magnetic coloring boards from Walmart.  Best three bucks I've ever spent!

Quick 5 second video.  We were at the airport and Boston wanted to ride this motorcycle they had there....

Getting to Oklahoma!

This picture defines the whole week.  Greyson's on the left acting like a total GQ model.  Then you have Boston who is being a little stinker.  He was so fascinated with all the toys and new bikes that we could not get him to happily do anything else!  Then there is Hudson on the right.  The most beautiful blonde haired mischieveious three year old EVER!  Look at that face.  He's about to do something naughty!

 The pumpkin patch.  Boston kept running around pointing and yelling "PUNKIN"!
Don't mess with him, I am not even kidding!

 My sister is on the right.  Love her.  Isn't her family cute?  Both boys are adopted and they have been such blessings to our families.

 Let me DOWN!  I see Punkins!

 In every picture.  Ha!  Boston's all upset we're making him sit still.  Hudson's about to do something naughty (throwing his pumpkin at Boston) and Greyson is just cheesing it!

There will be a few more pictures next week and then I've got some fun hair advise for you if you're growing your hair out.

So stay tuned!