Our Lil' Mountain Vacation Story. Through Pictures. ...and a Video.

A few weeks back, Brad and I planned this little last-minute weekend getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains.
Talk about a much-needed vacation... We had such a great time. We rented the cutest cabin in Pigeon Forge with the most AMAZING view ever, ate at some great restaurants there and in Gatlinburg, and just had the best couple of days spending lots of time with each other.
We had such an amazing time that I wanted to share a little vlog we filmed as well as some of our pictures. Mainly because I want to show-off the amazing pictures my new Canon S95 takes. It's seriously amazing. Since the focus is rather loud, I don't film with it, so the vlog was filmed with my same camera I've used for years (for photos and videos), my Sony Cybershot DSC W290. Which I don't recommend for photos. But I'm planning on getting a new video camera soon so wooohooooo!
Anyway, back to the Canon S95... it's awesome.
Here's a little look at our trip!

A few shots of the view from our cabin... Looks like a painting.

We went to the Apple Barn. I hadn't been there in years and Brad had never been. The Applewood Farmhouse restaurant there was delicious.

Oh what a makeshift tripod (sunken river bank and a few rocks) and a camera self-timer can do...

getting cheesy...

aaand even cheesier.

The river there was gorgeous...

We took a drive through the mountains... The next four were taken from the actual car, out the window...lol

Awesome Bear hat.

We brought a picnic up the mountain to this quiet (and very cold) spot...
...which also happened to be labeled as a "bear habitat". Seriously. A bear habitat picnic area.

Brad got creative with the picture-taking.
After taking this, I realized I was standing in poison ivy.
Note: Burn boots.
...next he says "Lets do one on the log."
When I tried to mount the log, things got awkward...
He meant the camera goes on the log.
Obviously... I knew that. :/

"hmmmm.... How to make this small stream slightly dangerous...."

"...stand on a rock." Not super dangerous, but seriously... What is it about guys that makes them want to jump on every rock they see near water?

Yep. More rock standin'. "Which rock to stand on next...hmmm..."

Here is a little vlog filmed during the trip for my second YT channel (my random channel), TiffanyDtv

I guess we'll just go ahead and end on this ridiculousness.
Because Gatlinburg is nothing if but a town that is never short of photo-ops...