Yay for little girls!

This week I babysat my three year old neighbor while her parents were off on a fun trip to California.  I initially took these pictures to send to her momma, and then thought- hey my readers might like these hairstyles!  They were taken from my iPhone so they're not the best but I hope you enjoy!

Day 1: Split it down the middle and french braid it into ponytails.  I then curled the bottom.  Sorry you can't see the style very well- I wasn't thinking about you at the time!

Day 2: I did the braided headband here.  I modified it I tiny bit because she had this calic that was making her hair fall completely over the braid.   

So I took the chunck that was bugging me and french braided it into the headband.  CUUUTE huh?!

Day 3: Section off the top middle chunk of hair and french braid it.  Then section off and braid the left and right sides.

Then put it in a nice little but.  I wanted to do a messy bun but I didn't have the right elastics, so I just went with it!

Anyway.  I cannot wait for a little girl!  And I'm so thinking of a little girls hairstyle book.  Good idea?!
I would LOVE to see pictures of cute hairstyles you do on your own girls.  If you have any, PLEASE upload them to facebook and tag me in them!  I think we would all LOVE to see them!